STEM Children's Books Available for Check-Out

water princess.jpg

Try pairing Water Princess with Designing Water Filters and other lessons on clean water

Dreaming up.jpg

Try pairing Dreaming Up with STEM Bins, Designing Bridges and other lessons focusing on design challenges

A House is a House for Me.jpg

Try pairing A House is a House for Me with Designing Shelters and other lessons on habitats

A house in the woods.jpg

Try pairing A House in the Woods with Designing Shelters and PEP lessons focusing on ecosystems


Try pairing Cloud Dance with Weather Predictors PEP lesson and other lessons focusing on weather and climate patterns


Try pairing Ada Twist, Scientist with STEM Bins, pr the What Makes a Scientist PEP lesson


Try pairing The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind with Designing Windmills and lessons focusing on energy, weather, and design challenges

Wild IDeas.jpg

Try pairing Wild Ideas with Wonder Boxes and PEP lessons that drive curiosity


Try pairing Rosie Revere, Engineer with any engineering kit, our STEM Bins, or even the Balancing Round Stones PEP lesson


Try pairing Iggy Peck, Architect with any engineering kit, our STEM Bins, or even the Building Bridges PEP lesson