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April 2019...

Wondering how to plan for student talk in your classroom? This clickable, interactive flowchart can help you think about different talk activities to try out for different pedagogical goals.  Brought to you by STEM Teaching Tools, the STEM Teaching Tools site has tools that can help you teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Would you like to print the flowchart and the related protocol documents all at once?  Download these STEM Teaching Tools, here.

Talk Moves Chart.jpg

March 2019...

Have you ever wanted to connect your young scientists and engineers with professional scientists out in the field?  Here's a STEM-tastic way to collaborate - Skype a Scientist!  Skype a Scientist gives students the opportunity to get to know a “real scientist” There are thousands of scientists ready to chat!  Teachers can choose the type of scientist that will fit their classroom and let the collaboration and conversation begin!  Read more about the program, here.

February 2019...

Do you have questions about teaching science using phenomena to launch inquiry? Do you know what science content you want to teach but are not quite sure what phenomena will motivate your students to ask questions? Phenomena for Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is an excellent resource for you. Explore this site for phenomenal inspiration, every day and out of the ordinary events to spark the curiosity in your students.

Butterfly phenomenon.jpg

January  2019...

Take a look at STEM Bins!  STEM Bins are plastic boxes filled with manipulatives of your choice, such as LEGO bricks, pattern blocks, Dixie cups, toothpicks and playdough, or popsicle sticks with Velcro. This resource also contains task cards that picture a variety of structures to inspire students to create.  Two sets of STEM Bins are available for check-out from the STEM TLC library or you can make your own!


December 2018...

Download EiE's Engineering Adventure, Lift Off!, for free!  In this Engineering Adventure, students will engineer rockets and rovers to help India and Jacob explore several planets and moons in our solar system.

Lift Off 2.jpg




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