STEM Teacher Leader Fellows

March 11, 2017


This is our most recent video focusing on STEM Teacher Leader Fellows.  



Who is a Teacher Leader Fellow?


By now, people who know our story, know that for three years, Heidi and I have been leading professional development with elementary teachers on how to integrate engineering practices in their classrooms.  We teach them to use an award-winning curriculum from the Museum of Science, Boston; called Engineering is Elementary.


Our videos show examples of teachers and students engaged in a variety of engineering design processes including; building walls, developing water filters, designing maglev systems, creating a process for making Playdoh and more.

After the third year, Heidi and I began to recognize that some teachers wanted more opportunity than we had provided them!  They’d send us messages about the success they were having and how using engineering in their classroom was bringing about a variety of positive outcomes.  When Heidi and I would talk  together about these teachers we’d refer to them as Rockstars!  We began to wonder what was happening in all 60 of these teachers’ classrooms and how could we continue to help and support them.  We also knew that some teachers were most likely not experiencing the same level of success since engineering was new to everyone.  We wanted to reach out to them as well and offer support.


Heidi and I often think similarly.  Our first instinct was to have a “reunion” so that these teachers can talk together.  We believe that the best teacher for a teacher is another teacher!   In addition, we wanted to CELEBRATE these teachers!  We know how hard their job is and we want to let them know that we appreciate them and the hard work they do! We want to lift them up! The reunion became our March 14th event, the STEM TLC RECEPTION.  This event is open to anyone who is interested in STEM, who is interested in teaching and learning and who wants to support and celebrate teachers! We are grateful that Christine Cunningham, founder of Engineering is Elementary offered to come celebrate and support these teachers with us!


But the reception isn’t enough.  These teachers need to have TIME.  Time to talk, time to share, time to problem solve and time to create.  This will take place on March 15th at the STEM Teacher Leader Summit.  STEM teachers who want to collaborate with other STEM teachers to support and learn together will be STEM TEACHER LEADER FELLOWS. and these teachers will be founding members on the STEM Teacher Leader Collaborative (TLC).  This is a grassroots program and we hope it becomes the vision of the STEM Teacher Leader Fellows.  We envision these fellows leading professional development for other teachers, studying together how to get better at their practice and celebrating each other on a regular basis.


If you were one of the initial 60 teachers trained or you have implemented EIE  in the past in your classroom, we hope you will consider being a Teacher Leader Fellow.  If you are interested in being one in the future, we will continue to have Summer Institutes to include new amazing and motivated teachers.  Look for more information about the summer institute in the coming weeks.

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