Empowering Teacher Leaders and Nurturing STEM Equity at NSTA

December 4, 2018


Somewhere, there is a funny quote about planning and how things inevitably go awry.  Flash back to last Friday.  The STEM TLC team walked into Room 219 in the Charlotte Convention Center to set up for our presentation at NSTA - a presentation in which we had planned to split participants up into small groups so they could rotate between tables for more intimate discussions.  Except, the STEM TLC team walked into a room of... chairs.  Not a single table. But, no need to fear!  Being smart, empowered, problem solvers, and engineers from UNCG's STEM Teacher Leader Collaborative... we expertly handled the bump in our road (or plan).

Our presentation, Empowering Teachers, Nurturing STEM Equity: The UNCG STEM Teacher Leader Collaborative, was a tremendous success.  We were able to bring the story of STEM TLC to many new faces.


The most powerful part of our afternoon was the small group discussions (albeit not around tables), each focused on one of STEM TLC's core values.  At each group, someone from STEM TLC explained to participants what each value meant to us. We followed with open discussion to see how these core values resonated with everyone else.

It's powerful when you give voice to people's vision.  Check out some of the powerful ideas that teachers, administrators, educators, and community members at our NSTA presentation voiced during our discussions...


"Open minds and teacher leaders are key to everyone's success."


"We all need a community of support surrounding us like this!"


"STEM equity for our students might come after there is STEM equity for our teachers."


"Teachers need to be learners too!"


"It's really hard to create a 'we' culture in our classrooms when the subjects are separated and divided like they are... but it's not impossible!"


"Educate hearts first, then minds!"


Want to experience STEM TLC's presentation for yourself?  You can find our 2018 NSTA presentation, and presentations from other 2018 conferences, on the UNCG STEM TLC website under the Resources tab!





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